From: "Kristy Fitterling" 
To: "Dr. Rainer Glaser" 
Subject: group evaluations
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 21:42:10 -0600
X-Priority: 3

Group Dynamics Report
ChemE Wannabe's
    Our group had several problems throughout the semester.  We started
out as two separate gorups.  In the beginning, we met about once a week to
do homework or just study together.  As the semester went on, our
schedules filled up and finding time to meet became more of a problem.
Just before the second test, our two groups broke up as people dropped the
class.  After the second test, our groups merged together.  By then, our
study habits were already set and trying to meet became even more of a
challenge.  We met more as our separate groups than we did all together.
Some of our group members liked working more on an individual basis as
well rather than working in the large group.
    The positive aspects of our group were the personal contacts and being
able to share the information with one another.  Whenever one of us had a
question, we knew that there were other people to ask and get help from.
If someone couldn't make it to office hours to ask the professor a
question, there was someone else that could go for them.  Being able to
rely on the group was beneficial to all of the members and was another
good resource to use for studying.
Kristy Fitterling 
Cheryl Moll
John E. Miles
Tim Hutchin
Sarah Keuss