The University of Missouri at Columbia, Chemistry 210, Organic Chemistry I, SS99

Teaching Evaluations - Overall Rating 3.57

Criteria of evaluation SS99 WS99 WS97 FS92 WS92 FS91
Organization and preparation of lectures and discussions 3.85 3.55 3.54 3.40 3.39 3.70
Instructor's enthusiasm for the subject matter 3.88 3.70 3.76 3.54 3.60 3.75
Helpfulness in answering questions and clarifying points 3.55 2.75 2.74 2.54 2.62 2.92
Ability to lecture in a manner which is easily followed 3.40 2.50 2.32 2.45 2.79 2.98
Ability to stimulate interest in the subject 3.47 2.82 2.66 2.67 2.90 2.91
Overall rating of the instructor 3.61 3.01 3.02 2.94 3.00 3.24
Your rating of how much you have learned 3.27 2.46 2.74 2.75 3.20 2.90
Overall rating of the course 3.38 -.-- 2.71 2.77 -.-- 2.88
Overall rating 3.57 2.97 2.97 2.90 3.05 3.19

1. List the strong and weak features of the lecturer and include suggestions for improvement.

Student 1: Well-organized, easy to see visuals, straight-forward lectures & review sessions, accessible, sometimes presents too much material (so much to do on the web!!!!)
Student 2: No comments.
Student 3: Strong – enthusiasm for topic and theory.
Weak – application of theory to problems (details).
Student 4: Strong – very prepared & gave us plenty of other resources of which to learn the material. Weak – moved very quickly in lecture (not that is was that bad).
Student 5: Strong – use of models and organization were very helpful Weak – no weak features.
Student 6: He went very fast & often did not cover fundamentals very thoroughly. Lectures were often confusing.
Student 7: Willing to go over it till we got it. He made us answer questions & think about things.
Student 8: I feel he was very organized & interested in what he was teaching which in turn helped me out a lot. His reviews were great and his models were a great idea.
Student 9: Strong – allows study sessions if needed, let you know what to expect on tests. Weak – lots of web info that isn't tied in too well.
Student 10: Instructor was always helpful and willing to answer questions and explain things thoroughly. No weak pts that I can think of.
Student 11: Strong – lecturer very easy to understand and following and treats me fair.
Student 12: I thought he was well prepared and also liked the notes being posted on the web.
Student 13: I loved the list serve and news items. He used many things to vary the subject material which was nice (not just text & notes).
Student 14: Enthusiastic and well organized.
Student 15: Dr. Glaser has great enthusiasm for the subject matter & he stimulates us, as well. I enjoy his talking about the philosophical implications.
Student 16: Very well organized. Always had good examples. Easy to understand.
Student 17: Has great enthusiasm for his field of study which shows in his lectures.
Student 18: No comments.
Student 19: It would be nice if he used the chalkboard more so we can see how it's done.
Student 20: Good to bring in everyday uses, moves a little too fast, wants us to know too many details.
Student 21: Transparencies & online notes are extremely helpful in lecture. Use of models to clarify points also helpful.
Student 22: Well-prepared and obviously very knowledgeable on the topic of organic chemistry.
Student 23: The positive energy Dr. Glaser brought to the class helped me focus on organic chem this early in the morning. Also his coming down from his level made the classroom a very comfortable and amiable place.
Student 24: Very well organized. Gave a lot of extra help. Review sessions were great.
Student 25: Went a little too fast even though it is summer school.
Student 26: Sometimes he would go through material so quickly he was difficult to follow.
Student 27: Great organization. Easy to follow notes.
Student 28: Non-stimulating format: transparencies, verbatim almost. However, tranparencies on internet=good idea.
Student 29: Talk louder, difficult to hear. Following notes made it much easier to understand.
Student 30: No comments.
Student 31: Get a watch.
Student 32: The lectures followed logically & allowed us to learn. He talked to us like he was teaching at our understanding level.
Student 33: Go slower over concepts so we can have a better understanding.
2. Compare the lecturer to others you have had (especially with those in science courses at this level).

Student 1: Very eager to teach & have us learn. Very excited about material. More exciting than others.
Student 2: No comments.
Student 3: More interesting. I liked that he brought in discussion of current events.
Student 4: Wants/cares about how much students learn from him. Wants them to succeed.
Student 5: Dr. Glaser was much more organized/easy to follow and interacted more with students.
Student 6: He did not spend enough time covering basics & tested over things which were not stressed in lecture.
Student 7: He is about as enthusiastic as most of the science profs. I've had. He made me feel like I could learn this material.
Student 8: I have had some pretty good profs. In Biology, but he is right up there with them all.
Student 9: OK. About the same. I would take him for 212 if that means anything.
Student 10: In all the science classes I have taken here at MU, Dr. Glaser is by far the best lecturer compared to my other chem classes. I understand the class.
Student 11: Very near the top.
Student 12: He did a better job getting the class involved in lecture.
Student 13: Very average.
Student 14: Not bad. Same sort of methods for the most part.
Student 15: Very animated.
Student 16: Very good. Kept class involved by having students answer questions during lecture.
Student 17: Much better than my previous chemistry professors.
Student 18: More emphasis on detail & precision as opposed to the actual why's of things, i.e. the reasons behind them.
Student 19: About the same.
Student 20: Moves quicker than some. Wants us to really learn.
Student 21: Very enthused about the subject & very concerned with our learning. The listserve and website are great—what thoughtful additions to the course!
Student 22: I have never taken a junior level science course before.
Student 23: Definitely more enthusiastic and funny.
Student 24: I thought Dr. Glaser is a great teacher.
Student 25: Other science lecturers tested on material from that semester & didn't redo or require study of previous tests along with current 3 chapter material.
Student 26: Moves through material faster, but does force you to apply what you are learning.
Student 27: More willing to help.
Student 28: Just as detailed and excited, well-informed, and knowledgeable.
Student 29: Loved the notes ahead of time. Very enthusiastic.
Student 30: No comments.
Student 31: Lots of enthusiasm. Friendly and easy to talk to.
Student 32: Better lecturer than others I've had.
Student 33: The material is good, but I don't feel that lectures are set up to learn much.
3. List the strong and weak features of the overall course (not the lecturer) and include suggestions on how its quality might be improved.

Student 1: It goes fast. Maybe take out some of the requirements in summer 1 semester. Only use 1 professor per course.
Student 2: No comments.
Student 3: Possibly could use more drill on basics in class more clues on what is important to know in future.
Student 4: Hard subject material, but seemed easier due to the instructor's organization of it.
Student 5: It would be helpful to be able to buy a compilation of at least just the notes off the web through the bookstore.
Student 6: No comments.
Student 7: The use of notes and relating to what is going on in the world is really good. We get to see practical uses of organic chemistry.
Student 8: I don't know yet. Not completed w/course.
Student 9: Course. Very fast, lots material more time or less chapters would be nice. Love study sessions help.
Student 10: The course overall is very helpful in my field of major.
Student 11: No comments.
Student 12: The website is excellent.
Student 13: Difficult material, but it was given in a nice amount at a nice pace.
Student 14: Internet site was helpful.
Student 15: The class is very fast paced. We would do well & have more review sessions. Overall, I enjoy it.
Student 16: Lots of material.
Student 17: It's a lot of material to cover in a summer semester, but I know it is necessary. I am satisfied with the setup at this point.
Student 18: No comments.
Student 19: Have strippers display molecules.
Student 20: No comments.
Student 21: No comments.
Student 22: I didn't like having a team of professors. I enjoyed both Sarkar and Glaser, but having to make a transition from one professor to another half way through summer session was very disagreeable.
Student 23: The course is great in that it manages to cover a wide variety of topics.
Student 24: Split the course into 3 classes (210 & 212) so we could cover less and understand more.
Student 25: None.
Student 26: No comments.
Student 27: It was a lot of information crammed into a short period of time.
Student 28: Course-format (transparencies) need less interactive study sessions. Good: List service.
Student 29: No comments.
Student 30: Sample problems along with MC questions would be helpful on practice exams.
Student 31: Not too technical. A lot of material for a summer class.
Student 32: Is OK. Not really much you can change.
Student 33: The book is very good on explaining the material.
4. Compare the course with the others you have taken.

Student 1: Fine, except the change in the middle of the semesters in professors.
Student 2: No comments.
Student 3: Possibly could use more drill on basics in class. More clues on what is important to know in future.
Student 4: Most difficult course I have taken.
Student 5: I love it.
Student 6: Average.
Student 7: It was really good. This is the second time I've taken it. I understand it a lot better.
Student 8: I feel I am learning a lot, but whether I will actually use it in the future I don't know.
Student 9: No comments.
Student 10: A lot better.
Student 11: Very interesting.
Student 12: It is one of the best and surprisingly interesting.
Student 13: Very average.
Student 14: No comments.
Student 15: Very interesting.
Student 16: Lots of material.
Student 17: I have enjoyed this one so far. Others I have not.
Student 18: B+/A-
Student 19: It's hard because you have to memorize so much crap off the internet and aren't grades for your knowledge?
Student 20: Hard.
Student 21: Quite difficult - very much information to cover thoroughly in such a short time.
Student 22: I've learned an incredible amount of material.
Student 23: N/A
Student 24: More difficult than most of my others a lot of material is being covered.
Student 25: Again, I'd prefer to be tested on a test for our class and not by previous tests.
Student 26: Much more difficult.
Student 27: I learned more, but it was also a lot faster of a pace.
Student 28: No difference really.
Student 29: Moved fast.
Student 30: No comments.
Student 31: Tough, but not the worst.
Student 32: I learned a lot more.
Student 33: No comments.