The University of Missouri at Columbia, Chemistry 210, Organic Chemistry I, WS02

Teaching Assistants

Mr. Zhengyu "Martin" Wu, B.S.
Office: 323 Chemistry Building. E-mail:

Ms. Papiya Majumdar, B.Tech.
Office: 319 Chemistry Building. E-mail:

The TAs lead the following Collaborative Learning Sections.
Mr. Wu: Section 9 (Monday @3pm), Section 1 (Tuesday @9am), and Section 5 (@1pm).
Ms. Majumdar: Sections 3 (@11am), 4 (@noon), 6 (@2pm), 7 (@3pm) and 8 (@4pm).

Ms. Majumdar will hold one office hour as indicated in Contact Hours. Office hours will be held in room 210 Schlundt Hall. Additional office hours will be scheduled if needed.

Mr. Wu will manage the discussion list as well as all collaborative group activities related to group projects and peer review. Send your emails about any of these issues to Mr. Wu.

Learning Center Support

Mr. Josh Alpers, B.S.
Office: 310 Arts & Science Building. E-mail:
Josh Alpers maintains a website to answer FAQs and a discussion forum

"This is my favorite class to tutor, and I was very pleased by the grades my tutorees received last semester - I averaged around 10-12 students per session (I had 70 in one), and almost all of the students that attended more than 10 sessions finished the course with an A or a B."