Josh Creamer

Elena Falk

Elizabeth Yelton



Group #10 Dynamics Report


We very much liked working with a group for Chem. 210. Having many people searching for articles helped us pick a good one for the Chem. Project. Our group got along very well in regards to the project. Studying groups was also helpful for the test. We would very much recommend having groups for next year. Maybe suggest having at least one group member buy the Wade text because it was much more helpful than the Carey text.

It would have been helpful if there was a phone number listing of people in the class perhaps on the website. Maybe a distribution of classmates numbers in the Chem. Lab sessions.

Every week it was hard for us to meet as a group. However we were able to meet at least every two weeks before the test. Maybe next semester the class should vote and designate a common study location for the night before the test. This semester some of us met at Memorial Union on Thursday nights, but not everyone knew about it.