Group 12

Group Actions & Dynamics

Keith Davis

Logan Decker

Lauren Harris 

Aaron Montgomery



The formation of group 12, í░The Groupí▒ was a year in the making. We were all in chemistry 33 last semester so we knew each other and could work easily with one another.  So it was a natural choice for use to be together again.   The group format for this class was very helpful; it gave each person three others to talk to about a topic in class and to study with before a test. We would usually meet the night before a test, for about two hours, to go over any last minute topic someone didní»t understand. We met in evenings and at central location so everyone could be there.  The only problem we encountered was our conflicts in schedules, but solutions were found.

For the Chemistry In The News project we all looked for two or three newspaper articles that interested each of us then discussed them with the group to decide on the final one.  When it came time to write the report we met in a computer lab for about three hours to finalize the details. By dividing the work, the time seemed to fly by. 

Our group liked the group format because it helped each of us, we became closer as friends, and we would recommend it to be used in future classes.