Group Dynamics

Our group met seven times concerning the Collaborative learning project.  Each time we met, we spent between 2-3 hours working on the project.  We met in several different places including Schlundt 105, a group memberí»s house, and a group memberí»s dorm room.  It was very beneficial to work with a group for the selection of our article, more people= more articles, because of more than one computer.  Overall the group experience proved that four heads are better than one.  We seriously considered four different articles.  Conflictual viewpoints were both a help and a hindrance.  Also, the work ethic of certain group members caused more of a distraction than an advantage.  It was difficult to find a time that everyone could meet.  Our group goes to the Wednesday night review sessions together, and studies some together the night before a test.  We all benefited personally, by interacting with a group.  We all agree that we would approve of working on a group project again.