Well, the project was cool, however, we feel that there were a lot of problems within the project itself because of misunderstandings or wrong codes to encript things within the text. We feel that if the different codes needed to encript and attach things to the assignment should be posted somewhere on the web, to eliminate some confusion. Also, we feel that there should be some type of individual evaluation within the group should be a requirement for the assignment. There should be a group grade as well as an individual grade that the group members assign you. We feel this is necessary, because if you notice, this email is coming from two out of the four members in our group. This is because the other two members of the group are not involved at all, nor have they been, and we don't feel that they should receive the same grade that Cara and I do. There should also be some way for these evaluations to be anonymous because this may cause some type of animosity within the group, if the group members knew what each person gave them. This is all that we have to comment on. BAPS members Jasmine Nelson and Cara Coleman