Timberz (Group 15) Dynamics Report


Group meeting frequency: The only time that our group met outside of the discussion section was to work on the take home test and to work on the group project. We met to work on the group project five or six times during the two-week period before the project was due. We usually met at Memorial Union and then went to a computer lab to do research and website embeddings.


Group meeting duration: Each time we met we usually worked on the project for about three to four hours.


Group Dynamics: Overall we would say that the group project experience was a positive one. When the group did meet, our sessions were usually productive and useful. Being in a group allowed us to pool all of our strengths together and help cover our weaknesses. However that is where the usefulness of the group ended. We only once met to study together due to the fact that all five of us had different schedules and study habits and preferences.


Alessandro Licopoli, Ashley Akins, Jack McCall, Jeff Haynes