Group Dynamics Report Group 1

Nascar Racin' Rednecks


We felt that the outside class time was not always used in the best fashion. The discussion section would have been much more helpful if there were more problems actually worked out on the board instead of going to visualization centers and such, which could have easily been done on our own time. Our group regularly attended the discussion session, however we did not meet outside of class very much other than to work on the final project. When we did meet, we used the lounge in Schurz to use the dry erase board to practice problems and reactions. We felt that it would have been better to learn how to submit the projects much earlier in the semester, so we could have worked on it throughout the year and not have been so rushed at the end with upcoming finals in other classes. However the project was overall helpful to our grades and our understanding to how organic chemistry relates to the "real world." The main problem with our group was scheduling conflicts; we could not always all meet at the same time. We always got along well with the group, and our article selection was based on our outside interests in biology and agriculture. As a group, we are a combination of agriculture and biology majors, so the article on Atrazine was interesting to us. We would all like to do group projects like this again, perhaps even in other classes. Sincerely, Nascar Racin' Rednecks Angela Bradley Nicole Faubion Michael Markt