Together as a group we decided that we disliked the idea of composing a group and assigning a project for them to complete. 
We did not meet as an entire group besides to work on our group project.  Which we met for a total of approximately three 
hours the week the project was due.  Fortunately, a friend and I were in the same group.  We did in fact study together the 
night before each test.  I found this extremely helpful but do not credit it to our being in the same group.  When our 
entire group would meet it would usually be in the Physics computer lab, or our scheduled lab sessions.  My friend and I
would study either at my dorm or his fraternity house.  Both of these locations were comfortable and a good stable learning 

While working on the project I did get to know my group members slightly.  Mostly it was an all work no play attitude. 
Rather than work on every aspect of the project together we allotted each other certain small tasks of the entire assignment.  
I felt that this was the most productive way to go about things.  We are all very intelligent people and could count on each
other to complete our tasks to the fullest.  When it came time to put each aspect of the project together before submitting it, 
few changes were made to each other's work.  I found this especially comforting.  When our group went looking for an article, it 
was not hard to find.  Each major newspaper prints multiple stories that have an associating to science, namely organic chemistry.
I felt that we chose and exciting and pertinent story that made an interesting final product.

In my own opinion I felt that the groups and the group projects were a good idea in order to get classmates involved with each other.
But, I do not think that the groups should have been mandatory.  I feel that if the same project would have been assigned and those 
that wanted to work alone would be able to, that the outcome may have been better.  Or at least more people would have been pleased.
But, as I have found out, school and professors do not aim to please only to educate.