No Se Group Dynamics
Members:  Clare Rieser, Lennard Rahaman, Cynthia Kubsh, Kyra Lienhop.

        Our group, "No Se" met for an hour every Tuesday for the past
three or four weeks in Memorial Union to work on our Collaborative
Learning project.  We used this time as thoroughly as possible; we not
only worked to perfect our project, but also were also able to discuss
problems we had with class material.    Prior to our first meeting, we
organized the meeting place and assigned ourselves tasks to be
completed.  After our first meeting we had decided upon an appropriate
article from The New York Times after researching three other online
        As with any true group project, the cooperative effort greatly
reduced the amount of work any one individual had to do, this allowed
more time for us to focus on our class work and studies.  At times,
however, the work was not evenly distributed among all members.  The
Collaborative Learning time was limed to the project, and it was
difficult to coordinate meetings for other purposes such as studying.
However, this does not mean that we did not benefit on a personal level
from this endeavor.  It allowed us to meet people that we may not have
interacted with under normal circumstances, and make new friends.
        While the weekly Collaborative Learning sessions were an
excellent idea in theory, in practice, they were somewhat impractical.
In the future, a learning experience of such magnitude should be offered
as resuscitation, or discussion with earned credit.