Group 24: Bushido Chemists  [group dynamics]

Natalie Miller 803562
Bridget Peters 806608
Clifford Sutcliffe 753451
Dylan Cooper 666810

Our group didn't meet up regularly prior to the time immediately before
the group project was due.  Finding time to work on the project together
was relatively easy, as all of our schedules fit together.  Work was
distributed between the group pretty evenly, and each person brought
important ideas to working on the project. Natalie and Bridget were
instrumental in finding interesting and supporting links for the
project. Cliff took most of our ideas and formed them into a cohesive
editorial. Dylan had knowledge of HTML code, so he made sure the links
were functional.  We also served the group's news webpages from his

There were no regularly scheduled study times as a group, but members
would occasionally get together to study before tests.  Cliff and Dylan
worked the 2 take-home tests together, collaborating with members from
other groups, too.