Jeanine Schneck 725025 Jon Oxford 808338 Jayme Armstrong 748529 Sarah Schindler 838475 Martin: This are our group throughts on this group project. While I think that the idea is good in that it gets students to look for how organic chemistry affects the real world, I feel that the project needs a lot of work. First of all, I feel that the instructions are not properly brought forth to the students - we acutally had our own website set up to come and find out that it was just a fill in spread sheet. Secondly, the students have no idea as to when papers may decide to discontinue the use of an article - so they may have an entire project done and submitted only to find out that the article over the weekend has been taken down and there is nothing that the students can do about it. Thirdly, I feel that having other students grade the work isn't fair - while students may talk like they may be fair - students are far more critical then the teacher and often times grade harder thinking that this will help there own grade. Fourth, I feel that the questions posed when grading the project are very ambiguous -= they do not give a clear idea of what others are looking for when grading What may seem great to someone may seem awful to someone else. The questions asked are also not clear enough - students usually only know big name papers - what if you have a great article but it comes from a not so famous paper - the information may be invaluable but because it wasn't in the NY Times some students may not recognize it and mark you down. I feel that this project while is may have good qualities, all in all needs alot of work and revision.