We really liked working together in our groups.  We frequently met
outside of class to study for exams, and this was extremely helpful.  We
all liked the group work, and we think the groups were probably the most
helpful part of the whole course, as far as studying and learning are
concerned. Everyone in our group contributed equally and added to our
study sessions.

The Tuesday section meetings were sometimes helpful, sometimes a big
waste of time. Often, the TA would review and teach material that had
already been tested rather than new material that we had questions
about. We felt that the Tuesday sections needed more structure, although
they were very helpful when it came to our news article project.

The news article project wasn't hard to do, and it was helpful for our
grades, but it took a lot of time, and we really didn't learn much. It
was more of a hassle than a help.

Group BKD
-Kathryn Schrewe
-Marion Butcher
-Dustin Gross