Group Dynamics


Amber Scherer, Libby Beever, Tadziu Kula, and Allison Critchlow make up group 27 otherwise known as group Montana.  We all previously knew each other.  Our collaborative learning group met at 2:00 on Tuesday; Papiya was our T.A.  Every once and awhile we would meet to review for tests and quizzes, and we also worked on the take home exam together.  We also plan on working on the final together.  We would go over notes, old exams, and problems together.  We did not find the collaborative learning sessions that helpful.  We did learn a lot of information concerning chemistry on the web, yet the majority of the time we felt was not very productive.  We would have liked to have known about these sessions before signing up for the class.  We feel that the visualization centers should have been more easily accessible.  When we would work in groups we found the time beneficial because we would share ideas, encourage each other, and help each other understand ideas.  We also would use our model kits when working in our groups.  Everyone in the group is a pre-med major.


Overall it was nice to have people to be able to work with in such a large class.  There is no better way to learn, than through help from your peers.  As far as the project goes, we worked quite well together and had no problems.  We also searched the internet for several hours to determine what we wanted to research, and worked several more hours together on the project itself.