Mission Impossible Group Dynamics

The group met twice a week for three to five hours each session.  The actual group project that we did we met three times and worked for three hours each time.  The group met at Dana Woodruff¡¯s house and set at Dana¡¯s white tile top table doing chemistry.  The time spent working on this project could have been better spent at a review session working on reaction chemistry.  The quest for the article for the project was relatively easy because we all worked very efficiently together.  We looked at around ten newspapers but only really considered two articles before making our final selection.  The advantage of this group was that three heads are better than one but the discussion section of this class was a huge burden for us to try to attend because of our class and work schedules.  We went beyond just the group project and made this collaborative group our study group.  We have learned a lot from each other and the group has given a lot of insight to each other on viewing things differently to understanding things better.  Yes we really benefited from this on a personal level and if we weren¡¯t required to form groups we would have probably formed this group anyhow so yes if we had to do it again we would.