The group dynamics for Group #29, The Earlybirds, spent approximately two 
and a half hours at each meeting, and met on average once a week.  The 
experiences made while working on this project were limited, although 
learning to submit things in HTML format was interesting, to say the least.  
The group was useful in finishing the project because we all worked equally 
and did some research outside of meetings.  We really only considered the 
article that we chose to do, but searched for a while to come up with it. 
     The advantages of group work were limited, and it was often hard to get 
everyone available to meet.  The group project was a pain in the butt and 
none of us felt like we gained any knowledge from it.  The only advantage to 
working in the groups was that we met people to study with.  None of us 
really benefitted on a personal level, except for making some "new friends". 
  Other than studying together, none of us would really like to do this type 
of project again.