A-Team (Group 30)


Group Actions And Dynamics

We began working on the project April 24.  We all had found several articles in advance and decided which one to use (30 min).  We met again April 31 and started dividing up the questions and anything else that needed to be done (2 hours.)  Two of our group members met May 2 to write the editorial and add all of the links (5 hours).  The same two members met again on Friday to make sure the pictures were working and add any final touches to the project (2 hours).

One problem with this project was one of our group members felt as though they didní»t need to contribute as much as the rest of us.  Two of our group members wrote the editorial, found and embedded links, wrote four of the five questions, and made sure everything worked on the Friday it was due.  Another group member drew the reaction, found a chemical journal link, and found some really good pictures to put on the editorial.  The final group member found the article we used, wrote one question, and thatí»s it.  They would show up when we were supposed to meet and work on other subjects.   Granted we picked our group, but we didní»t have any idea this would happen.

For the most part, it was nice working in a group.  There is no way one person should have to do this by themselves.  However, we feel there is one group member that doesní»t deserve to get full credit for this assignment.  . 

Finally, the two group members that met to work on the editorial and such consistently met to study for Organic.  Usually, two or three times a week for several hours each time.  The other group members occasionally studied with us also. 

Overall, ití»s nice to have other people to turn to in such a challenging class as this and I would do this again.  Sometimes, though, ití»s hard to predict who will be reliable for such a large project and quite frankly, it sucks when youí»re wrong.