Green Group

Mike Morgan

Kate Shaver

Clare Casteel


            When we started our project we originally had a group of
five.  However, we found about a month in the semester that we were left
with only three members.  When we first started meeting, we met at
Memorial Union in the coffee area, where we would spend a couple of
hours talking about what topic we wanted to do our project on.  We went
through about ten different topics before we finally all agreed.  After
we decided on our topic, we all wrote up our own version of the
assignment.  Once we all did that, we met again at Memorial Union and
compared our versions and traded ideas with each other on how we could
make it better.  We spent a couple of hours at this meeting as well.
After we came up with a group consensus we met at Schlundt Hall in the
computer lab where we spent a whopping four hours putting our project on
the web and working out the kinks of the websites and images.  Once we
were done putting the project on the web we met one more time at Physics
computer lab where we proofread the project and made sure that is was
done to the best of our efforts.  After reviewing our project many
times, we posted it on the web to be graded by our peers.  We believe
that our group worked really well together.  Especially since we only
had three group members and other groups had as many as five people.  We
each contributed to the project in our own way and together we made,
what we that was one of the most professional looking projects done.
Our group rarely ever encountered any problems that really affected us.
The biggest problem we ever encountered was trying to find a time when
our schedules didn't conflict, but that didn't even turn out to be that
big of a problem.  Other than that our group really didn't meet except
for when we worked on the project.  However, we did all work on the take
home test together and plan to do so again for the final.  As for the
personal level, Kate and Mike knew each other before this class and had
previously worked together.  Neither Kate nor Mike knew Clare before
this class, but after working together, we consider ourselves friends as
well as colleagues.  As for working in a group again, we all three
agreed that we would like to work together again if given the chance.
However, we also agreed that we really don't like working in groups.
Yet, it group work was beneficial in this class because we studied
together, resulting in more success on tests and quizzes.