In our quest to completing the collaborating group project, the KAKAS have met twice a week for the past three weeks for an hour to an hour and a half at the Memorial Union. Our first meeting was on 4/18 where each member was to bring in 2-3 articles. Our group had a total of 11 articles, ranging from the NY times, LA times, and Washington Post to decide on. In addition to deciding on which article we were to base our editorial comments on, the KAKAS also discussed the chapters our article can be in relevance to according to Wadeís Organic Chemistry book. At our next session, which was met on 4/21 at the Memorial Union Computer lab, we spent the hour and a half searching for links pertaining to our article. We ended that session by agreeing to bring in questions and comments for our next meeting. At our third meeting on 4/23, we met at the Memorial Unionís computer lab again and at that meeting we typed up our editorial comment and questions, answered questions, and made sure the links were still working. On our fourth meeting on 4/27, we discussed what chapter our article pertained to, looked at Glaserís news links and checked our questions. Our fifth meeting was held on 4/29. We used that time to transfer our comments and questions onto the ciitn-website, used Chemdraw, and added final touches to our collaborating group project. Overall the KAKAS took advantage of the collaborative group meeting. Not only did we take advantage of meeting together to work on our projects, but we also met to study for tests, work on problems, and discuss lectures. Group meeting are very effective because it clarifys any misunderstanding one may have from lectures, especially having a peer from you personal level. The KAKAS would engage in group activities again because they are definitely useful and effective.