Group Dynamics Report

Group #34 The Chemistry Group

May 7, 2002

Georgia Marsh, Beth Kunze,

Ato Jackson-Kuofie, Craig Weilbaecher

Our group met several times over the course of our project.  First we
all met at Memorial Union on April 9 to discuss how to choose and
article.  We then went to the computer lab in Memorial Union and found
an article from the National Drug Administration and the dangers of
cocaine and crack abuse.  We then met as a whole group on April 16 at
Hitt Street computer lab.  We decided our original article was not from
a reputable news source, and found a new article about atrazine and the
mutations it caused in frogs.  Frogs exposed to even low doses of
atrazine developed male and female sex organs.  We decided this article
was more appropriate to our purpose.  While we were still at Hitt Street
we divided the tasks of editorial comments and questions.  Georgia and
Craig worked on questions and answers and Ato and Beth did the editorial
comments.  We then met with our partner to finish the individual tasks.
Craig also made the reaction drawing and found our picture.  We checked
our part of the project with the other group members before we uploaded
our work on the website.  At the collaborative learning section on April
30 we uploaded most of the project but we still worked on it that week.
After checking and fixing all the links and images we submitted our
project Friday May 3rd. Our group worked very well with each other and
always communicated about the expectations of our project.  I think
dividing the tasks among the group members helped us complete our task.