Group: Pure Genius

Mission: Possible


In an attempt to survive another crucial semester our group was able to come together at 9 o¡¯clock on a Tuesday morning every week.  The dynamics of this group worked out very well.  All the members got along and tried to help everyone else when possible.  Duties were usually divided up among the members equally and the accomplishments were satisfactory.  At each of our meeting we would show up on time and stay as long as necessary. With the group project we started off perfectly in locating an acceptable article but soon ran into friction because the article needed a subscription to be viewed by the general public.  We took the problem in stride and in almost record timing came up with an even better article and regained our course right where we left off.  Attendance was executed in all attempts to collaborate.  


LeQuisha Carter, Christopher Mark, Afrisha Kincaid-Latham, Andrew Johnson

Mission: Accomplished