Overall I think the Collaborative Learning Sessions were a very good experience.  They were well taught and they provided us with valuable information that was not taught in the lectures, such as how to use certain computer programs like chemdraw and chem3D, and how to search for new items and magazine articles pertaining to organic chemistry.  As far as the group project goes, was a little less happy with this experience.  Because I did not know that many people in the class to begin with, and especially not anyone whose schedule coincided with my own so that we could be in the same collaborative learning session, I was forced to be in a group with two people that I didn't know at all, as I'm sure was the case for many people in the class.  Since I didn't know these people I had no idea what their work ethic would be like before I agreed to be in a group with them.  When it came time to work on our final project, I found myself doing the majority of the work.  One person helped out but due to other personal commitments he was unable to do as much as work on the project as he would have liked.  The other person in our group contributed virtually nothing to the project.  We gave her several opportunities to contribute and eventually we had to come straight out and tell her to do things and she still did nothing.  She even commented herself that she felt bad because she didn't feel like she had done any work for the project.  I think that it is unfair for everyone in my group to get the same grade when it is clear that not everyone did the same amount of work.  I am not including these comments in my report in order to simply complain; I am doing it so that perhaps you will change your system somewhat next year and allow for an intra-group evaluation as well as inter-group grading.  I think that if every group member knew that part of their grade depended on what the other group members said about their effort, then they would be more inclined to work harder.  Also, I think it might be a good idea to not form groups right away at the beginning of the semester.  It might be a better idea to let people get to know people in their collaborative learning groups a little bit better before they decide who they think they would work well with on the project.  I know that part of the purpose of forming the groups was to give people sort of an "automatic study group" but for most people in this class that I have talked to, this was not the case.  I hope these comments have been somewhat helpful and could maybe help improve this project for future classes, because I think doing the project itself was a great idea.