Group actions and dynamics report

From:  Jessica Jellison, Nick Renz, and Dan Faul

May 8, 2002



Our group met about three weeks before the project was due.  We would meet anywhere from thirty minutes to three hours.  As time drew nearer to the project¡¯s due date, we found ourselves staying longer and longer to get the project done and to what we thought perfected it.  We considered quite a few articles to do our project on: some from the New York Times, some from Wall Street, and other newspapers too.  We decided on the newspaper The China Daily and the article pertained to benzene in factories.  There were other articles we looked at, but none seemed to really grab us. 

            The group meetings were well engaged.  We went right to work and did not like wasting any time.  We worked well together, and the designated times we were supposed to meet always stood firm.  Not one group member was late or couldn¡¯t come.  We have had no complaints concerning any group member. 

            The collaborative learning is a good thing to do because it helps you to associate with the other students in your class.  It was found that during collaborative learning time, you could discuss any questions you had with your peers or the TA.  We all have made new friends from organic chemistry since we¡¯ve been in the collaborative learning lab.  We also studied together the night before an organic test.  None of us would mind doing another group project although in general, it¡¯s quite difficult to work around everyone¡¯s schedule.