Our overall opinion of this extra meeting varies.  It was efficient in
teaching us about networking, setting up links, and finding useful
information on the internet, but the discussion session was a waste of
time.  It would have been better with more detailed chemistry, ask
questions get answers, similar to an extra review.  For future
reference, this time would have better served us to meet and work on our
group project, instead of learning how to set up links and going back
later to finish them.  The group project was a good learning experience,
but it needs more organization and we should get attendence points for
participating.  Or the extra meeting should be used for a review, going
over test problems, questions students might have and any helpful hints.

Kind regards,
Amanda Seymour 714626
Jessica Koper 799818
Jennifer Jones 827763
Ashlee Smith 797076
Carrie Walk 797664