Names of people in group: Maria Godas  774436, Denise Freitag 772030, 
Kristina Miller 779057, Candice Edwards 762236 
Anyway here is the report: 

This whole collaborative learning project overall was a very unique learning 
experience.  It was something very different from we had ever really done 
before for a chemistry class.  
Our group met on Monday's at 3:00 pm for class, during those sessions 
sometimes it was hard to follow what exactly was expected.  We really didn't 
start learning about the project portion till much later, though it was very 
informative to learn how to access articles and use chem. draw to make 
different chemical structures.  Our group met about once a week, or once 
every two weeks usually on a Thursday night in the Union, not only to discuss 
our project, but also look over lecture notes together.  So we met for an 
hour at least every week up until the last two weeks before the project was 
due.  This was doing to the fact that we needed to find a good article/topic, 
pertinent information to our topic, and work on our project.  We met every 
day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) the week the project was due 
from 6pm -11pm.  We kept searching for structures, making good links, we just 
wanted to make sure the project worked and everything was in place. We 
started with about six different articles, but finally narrowed it down to 
the Botox topic because it was appealing and thought people would be 
interested in it. Overall this project wasn't as big of a deal as we made it. 
 We went o some great extremes trying to find the specific structure of 
Botox, and then came to find out that it was very huge. Another problem that 
we encountered was trying to find a convenient time for all of us to meet. 
This whole group/internet combination for chemistry was very much a learning 
experience.  We enjoyed the challenge of trying to make everything work and 
in the end we learned a lot, not only about Botox, but also about 
internet/computer use. We wouldn't mind engaging in this type of project 
again for not only chemistry, but other courses also.  It's also nice to 
notice, that chemistry is constantly in the news, even sometimes when we 
don't realize it.