Our group was kind of in the air. For the first few meetings people
either weren't there or went to another section for convience. Two of
the group members we lost contact with and my partner and I didn't meet
until a month or so. Our meens of communication was e-mail. We met about
5 times and spent two 4 hour sessions and three 1 hour sessions. We
helped each other out by using our seperate computer skills and combined
them in the end. The collaborative learning did not didn't go beyond the
project. We didn't benefit from the personal interactions. We both felt
that we would not engage in such group activities again.
Mike Herrell
Jodi Kuntz

Our group met a few times in the beginning of the semester. Two of the
four people lost contact. We met in the computer lab at 3 o'clock, 2
four hour sessions, and 3 one hour sessions. We just looked for
something we thought was interesting. We read to many to remember. It
was nice to have help from other students. The extra 1 hour was the only
problem. Studied a few times. We don't thinks we really benifeted from
it. We would not do this again.
Mike Herrell
Jodi Kuntz