Alisyn Au, Sarah Daniel, Satish Guttikonda, Chrissy Smith

                             The names are in alphabetical order


Vortex Group Dynamics


Our group started off the collaborative learning project by meeting together and selecting a core article for a group choice through newspaper and chemistry journal articles chosen by each group member.  After scrutinizing 7-8 worldwide articles together, we chose an article from the New York Times. The article selection process is where we encountered an obstacle because not all of the articles we had in mind could be accessed through their given URL.  We usually met in Memorial Union and the computer lab for the group work, thereby spending a total of 25 hours doing research and discussion over the project.  Sometimes getting the entire group together posed a scheduling conflict, however the Vortex group overcame this minor difficulty.  Even though our group had slight confusion regarding the instructions on how to put the project together, we worked hard as a team and tackled any questions that arose.  Overall, the group project was successful and interesting.  In particular, the group interaction was beneficial for a better understanding of Organic Chemistry.   One final thought:  maybe the next peer project should include a rough draft and earlier deadlines.