This group includes:

Erika Wiebeck
Stephanie Maher
Heather Hampton
Carrie Chick
Kelly Weir

Group Dynamics Report:

The collaborative project was a very good way to get students involved
in chemistry; however, it was very time consuming.  Perhaps it could
have been reschedueled to a ealier date.  This would have allowed more
time to be spent on it and better projects would have been produced.
This would have also benefited groups because their busy scheduels would
not have conflicted.  The project was presented so close to finals that
some of the projects seemed "hurried'" through.

The grading situation was not a good idea.  Allowing other people to see
who graded their projects was a very bad idea.  By allowing people to
see who graded their projects, caused conflicts among students as well
as friends in our class.  In the future, let people see their grades;
but keep private the names of the people who graded it.

Our group met 3 times as a whole; however, two of us met several times
before.  These two people found the article after looking at several
different newspaper webpages such as The New York Times, Washington Post
and the Chemistry Journal presented to us in class.   This group did not
study together as much as a whole; because when the effort was made to
contact the group members, the group members would not reply.  Working
with five people made it very hard to get together at the same time and
when we did finally get together, there were conflicting opinions.  We
think that the groups should not have been formed until maybe a month
into the semester.  That way, people could have see who really wanted to
work and who didn't.

The two people that found the time to get together and found the article
are also the ones writing this group dyanamics report.  Our group didn't
show any interest in producing this report, so we are taking the liberty
of saying what we want.  No names will be mentioned, because we don't
want  to get anyone in trouble; but more time should have been allowed
to form better quality groups.

Group # 4