Group Dynamics:
Overall, our group was not so much of a group. This is quite possibly
due to the fact that a few of us choose the group because of its time
slot, rather than its members. It might also be because some of us learn
better on our own and so group studying is not beneficial. Whatever the
reason, we simply had a hard time getting it together. We did not meet
until the assignment of the project made it necessary, and even then,
the cumulative meeting time did not exceed an hour. Organizing the
project went very well in the beginning, as we divided it into separate
tasks that each person could finish on their own. At the end, however,
we had problems getting together to finish off the project and grade
others' projects. Members disappeared and reappeared and nobody was
quite sure what was going on. We just fizzled out.
Personally, I didn't really like the group project. However, it was a
good real life experience because I am sure that there will be many
times in the future when I will be forced to collaborate with
colleagues. Learning how to deal with communication problems and other
misadventures is rather important, and I got some small benefit from
this experience.