We thought the overall collaborative learning experience was a good one.  We did not have any trouble in finding a group because we are all friends that live on the same floor in the residential halls.  I think this made it easier for us compared to some.  We studied together a couple of times on our floor before tests, but outside of the project, we really just came to each other with questions if we did not understand something.  The time we We regularly attended the discussion sections and the extra exposure to chemistry problems and visualizations were both very beneficial.  Although visualizing is very important, we think it would have been nice to have a little more focus on the broad basics of reaction trends and relationships with more problems to work.  Working together and talking about chemistry problems only helps, and for us, it was very important.  We would have formed this group even if we were not assigned to make one.  No man is an island.

     The project came together well and we really did not have problems.  Finding the article, the pictures, the links, making questions and answers, writing the editorial comments, and preparing the project for the web all took work.  But in the end, it was nice to look back on something we created.  We all contributed in some way to get all of this work accomplished and that really helped the process go smoothly.  Applying what we learned about chemical properties to ¡°real¡± issues in the news made it more interesting and relevant.  The groups were a good thing and helped us all out in many ways.


Comment brought to you by the Carr House Chem Crew