Group Dynamics Report

The Flaxton V


The group began searching for articles approximately two weeks before the due date. 

After about 25 hours of searching for an interesting article, in an online newspaper, that had FREE archives, we were FINALLY ready to begin.  Though, there are sites for multiple newspapers of the world, almost all of them require money to view the archives, thus none of them were applicable, or of any use, which greatly prolonged the process.  We considered four or five articles for the project before finding an interesting one.  From that point, until the due date, we all worked approximately 12 hours a day on the project (approximately 5 straight days).  The group met both at the computer lab in Schlundt and at Ellis Library, and on a few occasions in A & S when Ellis had closed.  As luck would have it, everyone was able to devote their full time to the project during the week it was due.  However, there was little time to do any other classwork.  Prior to the project most group members were acquaintances so working together was not a problem.  The group did not meet to work on homework or study together except for the take home tests.  Different group members had different priorities and worked at different rates.  The group members mostly agreed upon the editorial comments and the questions.  Because we knew each other before hand there was no opportunity to build upon a personal level.  Though identifying chemistry in the real world is important, the members of the group feel this was not a beneficial use of time in learning subject matter.