Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 09:55:50 -0600
From: "M., Bradley M (UMC-Student)" 
To: "Wu, Zhengyu  (UMC-Student)" 
Subject: Group formation

  Our group will be named "Dirk Diggler" 

  Brad M.     771712
  Nathan Ballek    773161
  Leanne Drumright    782304

  We would like to meet in the Tuesday 11:00 section. 

  Thank you 

Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 16:45:41 -0600
From: Brad M. 
To: "Wu, Zhengyu  (UMC-Student)" 
Subject: RE: Group Name


        We apologize that this group name was ill-received. We would like to change
our group name to "Mr. Whiskers"

Thank you,
Brad M.

>Your group name is not appropriate.  Dr. Glaser wants you to change your
>group name immediately.

>I will hold your section for you until next Monday.  If an appropriate
>name is not received by then, you will lose the section you chose.

Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 08:52:00 -0600 From: Beckie Barlow To: Mr. Zhengyu Wu Parts/Attachments: 1 OK ~12 lines Text 2 Shown ~27 lines Text ---------------------------------------- [ Part 1, Text/PLAIN 12 lines. ] [ Not Shown. Use the "V" command to view or save this part. ] I have been accepted into the Mr. Whiskers group.  My student ID number is 789601, and my e-mail address is .  This group meets at 11:00 on Tuesdays.  There are presently 3 in the group;   Brad M.     771712   Nathan Ballek    773161   Leanne Drumright    782304