Our group has functioned as a cohesive unit this entire
semester. Due to the fact that our group size was small--3 members
total--we were allowed more flexibility in meeting together on a regular
basis. Early in the semester, Thursday at 11:00am became our usual
weekly meeting time. Typically, we studied for 2 hours at these
sessions. We would review notes, practice problems, and complete old
tests in preparation for the difficult exams. For the project, our group
quickly found an article after searching through two or three newspapers
looking at ten articles total. We met several times the week the project
was due for a couple hours in order to complete the assignment. At one
point we had difficulty using the web technology. Once we submitted our
project and allowed the world to see it, the editorial text was all
jumbled and contained some Chinese characters. This was slightly
upsetting and unexplainable, but we re-updated the project and submitted
again. The problem seemed to be corrected. One suggestion we have
pertaining to the project is the due date. For future reference, please
make the semester project due earlier in the semester. Students should
be worrying about studying for finals, and not completing projects in
the last couple of weeks of class. We definitely agree that the learning
amongst our group went beyond the project. Without the formation of our
group, we may have never formed study partners within the class. We
spent much more time learning about chemistry and each other due to the
collaborative learning. We would recommend using collaborative learning
groups in the future.

Here is our dynamics report. Thanks!

Brad, Nathan, Leanne