Course Essentials
Syllabus, Schedule, Instructional Team, Contact Hours, Habit Sheet, Themes & Desiderata.
Blackboard, PawPrint.

Optional Notes
Notes are available at the 210w02 course web site in the section "Notes & Problems." These notes follow closely, but not exactly, the sequence of my 210w04 presentation. The section is behind firewalls and here are the keys: user ch210w02 and password collaborating! (exclamation mark is part of the password). Print 4 pages on a single sheet of paper; the font is large enough to use on overheads. One set of notes per group should do.

Options for Advanced Engagement
Sign up for the 210w04 Honors Section. Honors List.
Visit the MU Portal to Undergraduate Research and get really curious!

About Plug-ins
Viewing and printing of pdf files requires the Acrobat Reader plug-in. It's loaded in pretty much every computer. If need be, download Acrobat Reader.
Viewing molecular models requires the plug-in Chime. There are many Rasmol and Chime Tutorials online.
On one occasion, a virtual reality simulation of a reaction will be shown in lecture. This demo requires a VRML plug-in (Virtual Reality Markup Language). VRML plug-ins are available from Intervista (Worldview for PCs and CosmoPlayer for PowerMac) and many other places ... Google for VRML plug-in ...

The Students Speak: Teaching Evaluations