Method of Isolation: Guaifenesin is isolated from the gum-resin of Lignum sanctum or Lignum vitū, a large tree growing in W. Indies but can be made using a Williamson Ether Synthesis reaction.

Color: White Powder
Melting Point: 78.5oC
Boiling Point: 215oC
Molecular Formula: C10H14O4
Molecular Weight: 198.22 amu
Hydrophilicity: Water Soluble

Intended Function(s): An expectorant used in cough and cold medicines.

How It Works: Guaifenesin is believed to produce its effect through a local or reflex irritant action that activates the vagus nerve to stimulate secretion or respiratory tract fluid. This is thought to increase sputum volume, decrease its viscosity, enhance the flow of less viscid secretions and promote mucociliary clearance.



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