Chemistry 210 - Winter Semester 1997
Discussion List

A discussion list will be established by the second week of the semester. Automatic subscription to private lists will occur, that is, you will be signed up by the instructor. There will be one mailing list with the name CH210W97-L.
The list has been established on Tuesday, February 4, 1997.

Send your contributions to

Make frequent use of the discussion lists.
And let me know what you think about the value of such discussion lists as a tool for learning chemistry.

A few things to keep in mind
Remember that many people will read your contributions.
Remember to be brief and concise.
Remember that disk space is (unfortunately) not (yet) unlimited.

We will be using mailing lists for student-to-student communications outside the classroom. The use of mailing lists for this purpose is new to Chemistry 210 and it is hoped that it will enhance active learning, critical thinking and interactivity.