MU Chemistry 210 WS97
Catalog of Things-to-Study

Structural Formulas
composition, molecular formula, structural formulas
internal coordinates
Lewis dot and Kekule dash structures
Calculation of formal charges
Partial charges and bond polarity due to electronegativity differences
drawing and weighing of resonance structures
Atomic Orbitals
quantum numbers, plane and spherical nodes, shapes
hybridization and geometrical consequences
Molecular Orbitals
Sigma and pi MOs, bonding and anti-bonding MOs
MO energy diagrams, construction of, filling with electrons
Ground and excited states
Structure Isomerism
Isomers due to different connectivity
Nomenclature of alkanes
Nomenclature of frequently occuring side chains
Nomenclature of simple functional groups.
Conformational Theory
Stereoisomers due to different orientation in space
Newman projections
eclipsed versus staggered
cis, trans, gauche
barriers in ethane, butane