MU Chemistry 210 WS97
Fast Access to Course Pages

Hi everybody. The note below was send to the mailing list today (2/7). This is an excellent idea and all of you should try it out. I will make some more efforts to optimize the course pages in the next few days (including image compressions) in the hope that things will speed up.

FROM: Justin Esses, TO: CH210W97-L The Chemistry 210 webpage has been optimized for "text-only" viewing. Text only viewing uses a program called lynx, which is acessed at the showme prompt. The main advantage of viewing it as text only is the page LOADS VERY VERY FAST-- TEN TO TWENTY TIMES FASTER. Therefore it is a great way to quickly check homework, or see the class list, etc. To load it text only in lynx, type: lynx This should be typed at a showme prompt in the showme terminal, that is, type this where you would normally type "pine" or "mail". So quit pine and type it in at the prompt. The page should load in about a second or two. The arrow keys and the keyboard are used to navigate the page. All bold typefaces are links. You can figure out the rest!