Here are our five members:

Elsayed, Amir #668869
Tsang, Francis #692286
Bloam, Jason #669830
Peterson, Amanda #671047
Geiger, Tim #664985
Roberts, Aaron #666574

Group Formation

We all know each other through a friend of a friend of a friend. Tim and Francis live on 7th floor Hudson and know each other. Tim knew Amir from playing football. Jason is a friend of Tim and is a swimmer. Amanda is a gymnast and is a friend of Amir. Aaron is a friend of Tim and is in his Chemistry 133 Lab. All six of them together forms The Bomb Squad.

Group Meetings

1) Our first meeting was February 19, 1997. We met in the 7th floor lounge of Hudson Hall. In this meeting we decided on our topic, steroids. This meeting lasted about an hour because all we wanted to do was find out the topic and then everybody had to go find five internet sites. The next meeting we planned to bring everybody's five sites together and then pick the top five.

2) Our second meeting was February 26, 1997. We met in the 7th floor lounge of Huson Hall. We met for about an hour and looked at the sites that everybody brought in. We decided on the five best sites and then everybody took one site home and had to review the site and submit a three to five line summary of it.

3) Our third meeting was on March 1, 1997. We met in Francis Tsang's room. This meeting lasted about three hours. We put everything that we found into the homepage that you see now.