Chemistry is Going to Pump you Up!

Everybody in our group is an athelete, through intramurals and on the collegiate level. We all want to excede and do our best at each sport and their are certain ways in which we can achieve this. We can work and practice to increase our performance another way is to use steroids. Steroids is a very big issue within sports today and we wanted to understand the chemistry behind this controversial drug.

We used the standard search engines,Yahoo, Alta Vista, Excite and Infoseek to look up steroids and its related topics and this is what we found....

Medibolics is a journal that focues on steroids. This site has all past journals which include essays on true stories, steroids and the liver, and steroids and AIDS treatment. This is a good site for the latest news on steroids and its effects. This site contains indepth information on all the different types of steroids. It contains a brief desctription of each drug describing its uses, dosage, prices, and side effects. contains a lot of information about steroids. It talks about athletes and steroids, facts about steroids, families and steroids, and treating steroids addiction. is a site that has information about many drugs includng steroids. It has good pictures of the different forms of steroids and the standard information. deals mainly with the molecular stucture of steroids and its derivatives. It has very good graphics illustrating the molecular structure of steroids. is THE place on the web for detailed steroid info. General info, info on cycles, side effects, etc... is presented by From Deth's Hardcore Bodybuilding and includes Disussion of Steroids, Growth Hormone and the Latest Drugs.