Dear Dr. Glaser,
  I am emailing you with my group.  I don't know if you need any more info 
other than name and ID, so let me know if you need any other info.
  OUr name is "THE BOMB SQUAD"
  Amir Elsayed #668869
  Francis Tsang #692286
  Jason Bloam  #669830
  Amanda Peterson  #671047
  Tim Geiger #664985

  To tell you a little about our group, Amir and myself play football for 
MU, Amanda is a gymnast, and Jason is a swimmer for MU too, Francis is a 
good friend who lives on the same floor as myself.

  I am emailing you from my roomate's computer, so that is why the "sent 
from" address won't match up with mine.
  I like the class so far, but I think at times you go through material 
too fast.  

  Also, I am planning on traveling to Geramny this summer, my sister is 
going to take classes at the university there to work on her German, so I 
am going to go with her as a tourist.

  Let me know if there is anything else you need, see you in class!
                                    Tim Geiger