Dr. Glaser,

  Betsy Arthur 663922
  Nita Gupta 665594
  Matt Hiller 645589
  Sara Nesbitt 639672
  Mark Powell 664221
and Heidi Rubach 668687

 Proudly introduce the formation of our group of groups, a phunky phresh
combination hereby christened as:

          &%! (The Group Formerly Known as Chem Wagon)

  We're phat.  We're all that.  We don't have to watch Dynasty to have an

					Thanks, Dr. Glaser!

                            - &%! (The Group Formerly Known as Chem Wagon) 

------------ NAME CHANGE REQUEST --------

Group number 22 requests a name change.  The member who chose it is no
longer in the class and the rest of us would prefer a new name. Our old
name is &%! (the group formerly known as chem wagon).  We would like our
new name to be BANGSMHR
Thank you,
BANGSNHR members