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Olestra is a Gamble always won by the Proctorologist

Welcome! By following these few links, we think that you can gain a better idea of how the chemistry of foods can affect our lives. The product of interest is Proctor and Gamble's substitute, Olestra. It is a chemically engineered fat substitute that has passed the FDA requirements to be introduced into snack foods.

To whet your appetite for this food substitute, here is a molecular model:

This cholesterol substitute is supposed to benefit your

The first link we would recommend is "O'links: what other people are saying about Olestra." (the links are in the frame to the left!) This site is quite humorous. It will help acquaint you with some of the comical side effects of Olestra. Be sure to click on the bottom link at this site--it is the Letterman top 10 list (quite funny).

"The FACTS about Olestra" is the second page of links that we enjoyed. Click on the first link in this site, "Frito-Lay Study: Olestra Causes "Anal Oil Leakage"." This is a very recent press release (Feb. 13, 1997) that will enlighten you upon the subject of anal leakages--a common "side-effect" of Olestra.

Now that you know how Olestra is going to affect our "brave new world" of food and nutrition, we thought you would like to know about its chemistry. Check out a molecular model, and notes about the chemical properties of Olestra, at the site called "Molecule of the Month: Olestra."

If you still have an appetite for more Olestra (which is certainly questionable, knowing its effects) check out the link "More technical/chemical notes on Olestra," for even more information. Among other topics, this site discusses its potential as a carcinogen.

We then turn our interest to the hurdles that Olestra faced during its approval by the FDA. To learn about this, visit "Food Additives and Premarket Approval." This site was updated just last month, and will be a valuable resource as it is so well maintained.

The final stopping ground for you is the link "article search." By clicking on this you will immediately find the results of an Excite search for Olestra on your desktop!

A technical detail: the links on the left will stay there as you explore. Click on the top link, "Our Index," to return to this dialog.

About us:

Group Members:

How we met:

Our group was formed through casual interactions in previous courses. You know- the friend of a friend of a lawyer thing? Really, we had formed MDs2B before there were groups to be formed. We have all sat in the front row since the day the class began and one day, after feverishly writing note, we looked up and knew we were the group to be. DIVINE INTERVENTION! I mean, we are such a tight knit group that it was hard for us not to sit together during the test, but we managed well with out each other none the less.

Group meetings:

The MDs2B group met at least once a week in the Health Sciences library. Our meetings usually lasted about 2 hours. During meetings we discussed our topic and divided the work amongst the group. (okay, we admit it- we talked a little). Besides our meeting days we would also discuss things before class, since we all sat by each another.

Project Title and Description

Olestra: butt at what cost?
Our group project deals with Olestra. We picked this topic because of the practical application of chemistry and crazy side effects we know we wouldnt forget. Olestra, is known as the fat substitute developed by Proctor and Gamble Company. In our Website there are links to see the molecule olestra as well as, learn more about this amazing chemical invention.

Group Dynamics

Oh the webs that we weave: Yes, thats right, webs we wove! By far the best experience that MDs2B had was to become MDs2B with web pages. Each member in the MDs2B learned from each other and was able to interact in a positive and beneficial manner and with one lawyer in the MDs2B group, we were sure not to break any web rules. The definite advantages of the MDs2B group were the vast intellectual and social backgrounds of each group member. Not only were we learning about the chemistry involved in our run away molecule Olestra, we were learning the ins and outs of each others lives. No, were not just a group of nerds with GPAs, we are a bunch of nerds with an attitude- a cool attitude. We got an aerobics instructor, a lawyer, a physics major, a chemistry major, and a Gospel singer. Now thats a group. We all would greatly enjoy working in a similar group project again as long as we were allowed to pick our own groups.

thanks for visting us!

Here is a little song that we have transcribed for you:
Special Musical Bonus!!!


(sung to the tune of Dolly Parton's Jolene) 

Olean... Olean... Olean... Olean 
I'm begging you, please leave my sphincter shut 
Olean... Olean... Olean... Olean 
Please don't go and lubricate my gut 

You're found in products everywhere, with fatty taste beyond compare; 
Of mouth-feel, so enticing, you're the queen! 
Each cake is tasty, but so brief, each chip is crisp as autumn leaf; 
And I cannot eat just a few, Olean 

You wake me up when I'm asleep; there's nothing I can do to keep 
>From oozing when I've had too much Olean 
And I can easily see now too, how you can easily flow right through, 
But you don't know what that means to me Olean 


Well you're in every kind of snack, but I could never turn my back 
You're the only fat for me Olean 
I have to have this talk with you, my skinniness depends on you 
Whatever you decide to do Olean 


Sprite & Eli

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