Peer Assessment of Group 10 Peer Assessment of Group 10

Category G1 G2 G3 G4 G5 Average
Visual Appeal 10 9 - 9 10 -
Content 9 10 - 9 10 -
WWW Suitability 10 10 - 8 10 -
Relevance to 210 8 10 - 7 8 -
Personal Gain 9 9 - 10 9 -
TOTAL from Peers 46 47 43 47 46
Technical Merit 50+15
TOTAL for GP 112

Evaluation by Group 1

(1) Group #1, Silly Putty

(2) Group #10, WESAYSO Inc.

(3) Visual Appeal:  10 - Very nice-looking links
(4) Content of Site:  9 - Educational and fun
(5) WWW Suitability:  10 - The WWW is the best way to present the
                           information you did
(6) 210 Relevence:  8 - We won't be seeing this much in 210
(7) Personal Gain:  9 - We found this site to be enriching and informing

TOTAL:  46

Evaluation by Group 2
(1) Group Number and Group Name of Evaluators
(2) Group Number and Group Name of Evaluees

(3) Visual Appeal of Site: 9 Points 

(4) Content of Site: 9 Points 
especially liked the microbe news page.  also we found a site that talks
about racemates.  this is cool.

(5) WWW Suitability: 10	
once again, for the reason that it would have taken hours in th library to
find all this 
(6) Relevance to Chem 210: 10 Points 
we found this paragraph in one of the site which is very relevant:

"Racemization involves the conversion of amino acids from L-amino acids to
D-amino acids, or from their left-handed to right-handed forms. Living
organisms use only L-amino acids. Once an organism dies, however, the
natural reaction of racemization begins in which the L-amino acids are
converted to D-amino acids until the process reaches a point in which both
forms are present in equal amounts -- a so-called racemic mixture."

(7) Personal Gain: 9 Points 
we learned a lot about a subject that we were not aware of .

total 47 points

Evaluation by Group 3


Evaluation by Group 4
(1) Group Number and Group Name of Evaluators
Group #4, The Bomb Squad

(2) Group Number and Group Name of Evaluees
Group #10, WESAYSO (aka WEHOPESO)

(3) Visual Appeal of Site: 9 Points 
Very good graphics the made the site eye-catching.  The graphics were not
over done but well placed and relevant.

(4) Content of Site: 9 Points 
There are quite a few sites that provided a lot of information.  The sites
were interesting and relevant to your topic.

(5) WWW Suitability: 8 Points
Seeing pictures on the web is nice but most of the text info could have
presented in a book.  But it is still better than reading about all this
info on notes or in a book.

(6) Relevance to Chem 210: 7 Points 
The topic of DNA is more related to biology and genetics.  DNA is still
somewhat related to Chemistry on the molecular level.  

(7) Personal Gain: 10 Points 
Learned alot about DNA and the dinosaurs.  We found that very interesting
and informative.  We like the subject that you covered and felt that you
provided very interesting sites.

Evaluation by Group 5

	Group 10-WESAYSO Inc.
		Visual Appeal-10
                WWW suitability-10
                Relevance to chem210-8
                Personal Gain-9
	Comments:  The dinasaur pictures were groovy. :)  It seemed fairly
relevent to organic chemistry because it dealt with carbon molecules, but
it didn't focus in on a specific organic topic.  However, it did give many
interesting and far out graphics of DNA molecules.  The content was
excellent and contained a lot of useful information.  

This is Oranganic Freshness signing off..check ya later, dude! :)