Vitamin C - The Organic Superhero Group Name: Hot Wings

We named our group "Hot Wings" because that was what we were eating when trying to come up with an appropriate name. Yummy.

Group Members
664032  Derek McTyier  
666826  Steve Cassells  
668322  Erik Hemmann
699157  Robert Witherspoon

Group Meetings

The members of "Hot Wings" met each other and became friends over the past year. Rob and Erik are members of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity while Derek and Steve are in Pi Kappa Alpha. We met through mutual friends and at parties. When faced with the task of finding a group, we immediately knew that we would be teammates. We had a fifth member but she was smart enough to drop the class before the first exam. So here we are -- four guys who wish organic chemistry had never been discovered.

Project Title and Description

Vitamin C - The Organic Superhero

When choosing a topic, we wanted to select something that is applicable to everyday life -- something that is important to everybody. Our great revelation came when Steve was looking through his sock drawer and found a bottle of vitamin C. Alas, our topic was found! We specifically set out to find exactly what vitamin C is and what its functions are. These sites proved to be the most resourceful:

- this site gave an outline of general facts about the vitamin
- this site explained the wonders of antioxidants
- this site told how to prevent colds and flu
- this site described the human immune system
- this is a beautiful 3-D picture of the vitamin C molecule
- this site is about Florida citrus fruit
- this is the homepage for a rapper called "Vitamin C"

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is one of the most important substances for the human body. The vitamin is an antioxidant, a substance that inhibits tissue damage due to oxygen reactions. Vitamin C is also known to prevent diseases, such as the common cold, as it aids the immune system by increasing white blood cell function. Other benefits include healthy muscles and teeth, and decreased formation of skin wrinkles. It is necessary to have a regular intake of vitamin C because, unlike most animals, the human body cannot produce the molecule on its own. The most abundant sources of ascorbic acid include synthetically produced vitamins and citrus fruits. Virtually everybody (including rappers) should understand the importance of vitamin C.

Group Dynamics

The members of our group worked really well together. There was an even balance of hard work and childish humor during our meetings. Group decisions were made by voting; however, when there was an even two-to-two vote, we simply had tag-team kickboxing matches to settle the dispute. Erik now has to wear an eye patch because of this, but he agrees that getting a good grade in Chemistry is far more important than depth perception anyway.