Ozone Depletion: The Extinction of Planet Earth? Group Name: Alkanetraz

The forces of chemistry have caused Angie, Toby, and Becky to collide again. Our interactions have been separated since Chemistry 33. Becky and Sarah have yearned to reconstruct their bond since its breaking last semester. In the desire to fill our outer electron shell, we combined with Greg the Sophomore Molecule. We have been tightly bonded in molecular prison ever since. NO ONE ESCAPES ALKANETRAZ!!!!!!!!

Group Members
Stone, Rebecca, c621883@showme.missouri.edu
Clifton, Toby, c615577@showme.missouri.edu
Curt, Angela c639388@showme.missouri.edu
Baker, Sarah, c651398@showme.missouri.edu
Sapp, Greg, c688845@showme.missouri.edu

Group Meetings

Our group met at Memorial Union twice a week since February 7. We spent approximately 4 hours a week in the computer lab.

Project Title and Description

Ozone Destruction: The Extinction of Planet Earth?

We selected this topic because the continuous depletion of the ozone layer is of global environmental concern. More people should be aware of the damage done to the ozone layer over the past 20 years due to chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and other air pollutants. Even with the current ban, the CFCs already released into the atmosphere will continue to do damage until the turn of the century. Our main search strategies were Webcrawler and Excite.

An introduction to ozone.
A multimedia tour of the ozone hole.
For common misconceptions about ozone depletion.
For health effects and alternatives to ozone-depleting substances.
For your viewing pleasure, kick back with a tub of popcorn and relax while you watch this animation.

Group Dynamics

Our group has gained considerable knowledge about the tools available on the World Wide Web. While we learned about the Web and our topic, we found it difficult to set up meetings without conflict due to existing schedules (jobs, school, out-of-town residence, etc.). We interacted well together and made a few more friends, but as a whole, we did not feel a group project held great benefits.