DNA - The Wonder Moklecule Group Name: Borderline Retarded

The group was formed becasue Rami Knew Mike from our fraternity Rami and Christian were former roommates, Rami knew Eric and Mazda from another class and the same with James.

Group Members
Farber, Michael c694548@showme.missouri.edu
Bardenstein, Rami c664247@showme.missouri.edu
Bollinger, James c644006@showme.missouri.edu
Blake, Christian c640205@showme.missouri.edu
Lemp, Eric c668279@showme.missouri.edu
Hakimi,Mazda c645555@showme.missouri.edu

Group Meetings

We have met 5 times to discuss the group project, as well as organic chemistry in general. We met 3 times in the Physics computer lab, and two times at Christian's house. We have spent about 1.5 hours for each meeting. After scanning numerous sites, we decided that these were the best sites for this project.

Project Title and Description

DNA - The Wonder Molecule

We selected DNA because it is the blue print of every complex living organism. DNA determines all of our physical characteristics, and plays a role in personality that we are still determining. The interaction of multiple allels, varient forms of genes, act to determine characteristics such as height and weight, while one gene determines whether one can produce skin pigment. Our fundemental genetical basis nessesitates our understanding of it. We utilized AltaVista, Excite, and Yahoo search engines, as well as favored links of other genetics related sites on pages not included in this write up.

The first site on any project describing DNA should be one that shows the molecule itself. This and that sites show pictures of DNA. The first picture is the traditional "stick" model. The second picture shows a restriction enzyme, an enzyme that controls DNA expression, attached to its substrate site on this strand of DNA.

The second site describes in detail multiple aspects of DNA, such as expression, what is a gene, how it works, ect. . . This is a must read for anyone who needs a brush up on their genetics knowledge. This is a National Institutes of Health site.

The site has in-depth views of numerous enzymes, chemical catalysts that allow reactions required for life to occur at common temperatures. Clicking on each picture bring up a enlarged 3D picture.

In biotech industries, DNA is needed in large amounts to be useful. The Polymerase Chain Reaction is a mechanism that can create large amounts of DNA from a small sample. Every place that processes DNA has one of these machines. This site briefly describes what it is, and some new techniques in PCR.

In many instances, when there are mistakes in DNA, Cancer is the result. This pictures show skin cancer, which is increasing at an alarming rate. After seeing these pictures, you might not want to go out into the sun again. Organically speaking, the cause of this can be Thymine Dimers in the DNA molecule itself, due to exposure to sunlight. Our last site shows a large amount of organic compounds. These pictures show the crystalline structures. Our interests focus on amino acids, the building block of protiens, protiens-enzymes or structural, and, of course, DNA.

Group Dynamics

During this group project, we utilized a cooperative effort to develop our topic as well as understand the material that we are presenting. After completion of the materials, we went to the Heildelburg, to discover the wonders of assorted beverages. The advantages of this project are that one member could concentrate on subtopics of DNA, and not worry about covering the entire topic. The only disadvantage to this project, were scheduling difficulties. Our group collaboration hasn't yet extended to the class material. The groups have led to more sincere aquintences in the Organic class. Yes, all members would be interested in engaging in another project of this type.