Is Prozac For You? Group Name: Broken Beaker

Our group is made up of seven strangers, who met at a review by accident. Our accident could not have been better named than by the formation of our chemistry group called "Broken Beakers".

Group Members
Lou Castillo     689314
Keele Bradley    642360
Christy Hanna    640583
Tonya Collop     668397
Rob Lopez        665922
Doug Talbot      664046

Group Meetings
Sunday, Feb 23rd--Memorial Union Cafe  7-8pm
Thursday, Feb 27th--Memorial Union Computer Lab 7-9pm
Sunday, March 2nd--Rob's room 7-10pm
Monday, March 3rd--Rob's room 7-9pm

Project Title and Description

Is Prozac For You?

Our group is made up of many different majors and many different interests. One topic that struck all of us as "on the edge of technology" and "on the edge of chemistry" was how our minds work. This led to our discussoin of Bipolar Disorder and new medicines that could be used to change, limit, and overall control emotion.

Is Prozac For You? Feeling Sad? Haven't been to class for weeks? Have you been in bed so long you're developing bed sores? Maybe its time you tried Prozac, THE WONDER DRUG". But, perhaps you're wondering what are the side effects and what exactly it will do to your body. Wondering how others are feeling about prozac--here is the story of Mica. If you feel alone in the world of prozac--you're not. Want to talk to others in the same situation.

***The way we present our project is not meant to offend anyone, we are just trying to be clever and creative in the presentation. Any associations with the below description should be directed to a medical professional or call 1-800-CHARTER.***

Group Dynamics

We were fortunate while working in our group that everyone involved participated equally well and it was not a one-sided, one-person effort. We felt however, that not everyone had a fair advantage in this project due to the fact that not everyone is as familiar with computers as others. We helped each other along though and our project turned out to be a rather fun endeavor to undertake. We learned interesting facts about one another and got along rather well. As a group, however, we decided that we do not wish to work in groups again due to the inexperience of some people with computers.

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I'll be baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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