randoms.htm????----Qf @n@n The Randoms Wicked Web Page

(1) Group Name: THE RANDOMS

(2) Members: Keith Kleiner, Brian Wilkinson, Amy Sandler, Leila Saffaf, Leslie Winchester, and Matt White.

(3) Group formation: The group basically is the unification of two fabulous groups of friends---the boys and
the girls. One of the girls knew one of the boys, and they decided to unite us as one in chemical bliss.

(4) Group meetings: Besides a healthy interatction through email, this group has met twice for one hour
sessions to solidify the project. The result: Your lookin at it!!!

(5) Steroids from a chemical perspective

Why did we choose this topic? Well, our group wanted to cover a topic that students or anyone else reading
our web page could relate too. Steroids seemed like a very reasonable answer to this goal. Steroids have
many uses in our lives, ranging from its applications in medicine, to its well publicized abuse in sports, to
there everyday presence in the body as messengers in the blood stream.
Indeed, a great deal of people are exposed to steroids either by personal use, the use of steroids by friends,
or by hearing about it in the news. It is therefore very relevent and rewarding for one to be well informed
about this topic, and that is what we aim to help people do. Strategy for finding web sites to cover this topic
was very simple. Using the search engines available on the web, such as "Excite", we found a multitude of
sites and picked the best ones we could find.

http://freeway.net/~shack/steroid.htm#propThis site is a great primer on anabolic steroids.
It gives a concise description of the major issues concerning anabolic steroids.

http://www.medibolics.com/chart2.htm This site has a wonderful chart of many of the most popular
forms of steroids, including informations such as common and standard names, side effects, dosages, etc.

http://chemfinder.camsoft.com/cgi-win/cfserver.exe Want to get in depth detail about a certain steroid?
Well, try the chemfinder!!! You can see the chemical structure, boiling point, and more about the chemical of

http://www.bigsport.com:80/supplements/supps.htm Ok, this page is the daddy of them all!! All your
questions can be answered here. Literally tons of information in a nice, organized fashion.

http://www.inform.umd.edu:8080/EdRes/Colleges/BSOS/Depts/Cesar/metnet/steroids.htmAnd if thats not
enough, try this site!!! Another huge repository of steroids info.

(6) Group dynamics: So, what have we gotten out of this project? This project has a been wonderful opportunity for the members
of this group to get to know each other. This project has served as a great launch pad for the formation of study
groups. Also, for the majority of the members in the group who knew nothing about the internet, this has been
a great opportunity for them to become more informed about what the internet has to offer. Thumbs up to
Professor Glaser!! The group projects are great.